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We are a top home automation company, providing personalized solutions by cleverly integrating devices, gadgets, systems, and everything in your home.

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We give houses in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and the neighboring areas the best automation experience.

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We Believe A Happy, Smart House Is Ideal For Everyone. Your Comfort Is Important To Us!

Smart & Secure is a home automation company known around the county for providing security systems installation, home automation, and integration tailored according to users’ needs.

We  give you the power to control and monitor your home from anywhere, While you are away or at home. Our home automation solutions give you better ways to monitor and conserve electricity , all while providing you the best experience in your own  home 


Simplify Your World, Amplify Your Comfort: We are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of modern living through intelligent automation. Smart and Secure strives to amplify your comfort by seamlessly integrating smart technologies, transforming your home into a haven where convenience and sophistication coexist effortlessly.


Pioneering a Future of Smart Living: We are committed to pioneering a future where homes are not just spaces but intelligent companions. Our vision is to lead the way in creating homes that understand and adapt to the unique rhythms of your life, making every moment enjoyable and stress-free.
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We Create Your Custom Smart Home To Fit You

We are driven to meet our clients need for a reliable Smart & Secure home
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We install, automate, and integrate! It is a total package for you!

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Everyone on the team is an expert. You can only anticipate exceptional service.

Excellent Maintenance Procedures

We do not abandon you after the installation. We assist you in keeping it up!

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A Smart Secure Autonomous Home learns and knows your preferences and works behind the scenes. If you have to constantly manage apps and give multiple commands then you have smart devices, not a smart home. At Smart Secure So Cal we will help you design and create a Smart Home that is convenient, comfortable, secure and efficient.
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